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Need help Plz regardug my account number

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    Kindly apply for US aid if ur country need our support because U people have intentions loop wholes to robe foreigners. So I recommend DialoG TV as well as Sri Lanka should apply for it as we have a big heart to provide money to poor nations.


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      I’m really sorry to hear all your bad experiences in Sri Lanka. But if you have time go to the tourist-police station and lodge a complaint.

      Present Location: 2nd Floor,
      Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Building
      No. 80, Galle Road, Colombo 03.
      Tel/ Fax: +94112382209
      Hotline: +94112421451

      Director Police Tourist Division:
      P.E.C. Fernando
      Senior Superintendent of Police
      Tel: +94112421052, +94112421054
      Fax: +94112382209
      Email: dptd @

      Officer in Charge
      Police Tourist Unit - Colombo N.J. Edirisinghe
      Tel: +94112421070
      Fax: +94112382209
      Email: oicptd @


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        Against whom should I lodge complaint? Dialog TV or the person who is demanding 12000 Sri Lankan Rs? I am 100% sure the company it-self is involve in all these activities and have loop wholes to robe visitor. They said we have same policy for everyone it mean if a user is not from Sri Lanka he need to 1st get his Sri Lankan NIC card and all the other bla bla items.Anyways no need of complaint as we cancel all our holidays & going back to our country where we have far more better DTH than Dialog TV & I think Dialog TV minimum need 100000 more years to even think to come near it.