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  • d tv no signal

    I had replace my dialog tv dish to another place on my roof.. now.. it's not receiving signal.. I made top box to factory defaults.. now.. channel searching failling every time.. i'm sure i placed dish at the right position.. i have downloaded the sat finder app to my phone.. it's telling i placed dish at the right position.. i think lnb not getting the powe properly.. please tell me how to slove this my own.. :-(

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    You have done a terrible mistake by resetting it to factory defaults. Sat finder apps are not 100% accurate, so it seems that you dish is not positioned correctly. If it positioned correctly, search will be a success.


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      Friend, switch on your set top box. Without switching it off with remote or power switch, just pull the receiver plug and after a few seconds plug it on. That will come back to the original settings. Also make sure the pole where the dish is fixed is 90 degrees straight.The direction may be correct. The easiest thing you could have done is remove the dish from the bracket, place the bracket at your required location and make sure its straight, fix the dish back on to the bracket and move side to side at the direction and there you go. tighten the nuts and enjoy. This is for all the novices till you get a hang of it. Good luck.


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        Please check your neighbour's Dialog dish direction. & try again.


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          try to adjust your router