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Express AM22 Coverage Maps (Footprints) Files

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  • Express AM22 Coverage Maps (Footprints) Files

    Ekspress AM22 is a communications satellite. It belongs to the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) based in Moscow

    The satellite has a total of 24 transponders, 12 of which are referred to as SESAT 2, and are leased to Eutelsat by the RSCC (Russian Satellite Communications Company). The remaining 12 transponders, with domestic coverage of the Russian Federation, are commercialised by the RSCC under the name EKSPRESS AM22.

    The satellite can be received in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the most part of Russia. The transfer takes place in the Ku band.

    1. Europe Ku-band Beam expressam22_europe_ku1.jpg

    2. Wide Europe Ku-band Beam expressam22_wideeurope_ku.jpg

    3. Ku-band Spot Beam 1 expressam22_spot1_ku.jpg

    4. Ku-band Spot Beam 2