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Burson Cable+ Active RCA Cable Review

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  • Burson Cable+ Active RCA Cable Review

    A lot of excellent HiFi products are designed and produced in Australia, and none more than Burson Audio belong in the upper tier of offerings from Down Under. Not only do Burson’s products sound excellent, but they also do not make cookie cutter gear, and inject original thinking into the process. I reviewed and loved Burson’s superb Conductor DAC/Preamp and Timekeeper power amp combo sometime ago, and have tried to keep up with the company’s recent products. Burson built their reputation on headphone amps, DACs and, more recently, their op-amps which have been getting rave reviews. Having corresponded occasionally with the fellows at Burson, it was obvious that they think out of the box, and really do like looking at things from unique angles. This is a great thing, because there are already enough by the book audio designs on the market. But the best part is my
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