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Buying a Automatic Car!!!

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  • Buying a Automatic Car!!!

    The popularity of Tata Motors Automatic - Nano car is growing in Srilanka. Its features and technical specifications we have listed below:

    Compact four-wheeler Hatchback - which is easy to drive through the crowded city roads and saves fuel should choose Tata GenX Nano. It is also considered as the family vehicle that could be used more often compared to any big sized sedan car. It is a smart city car, which is compact and spacious from inside with decent luggage space.

    Fuel-efficient Hatchback car - Choose this Tata small car over any hatchback car for it is the best affordable fuel-efficient car. Its 624cc engine gives a mileage of 18kmpl making it the most fuel economical car.

    Automatik Transmission - The car is offered in manual and automatic transmission with sports mode and creep mode giving wonderful driving experience in cities and on highways.

    Petrol Variant - The petrol variant gives a maximum torque of 51nm@4000 rpm and a ground clearance of 180mm that supports fast speed.

    Beautiful Colours - You can choose from 6 vibrant colours that make Tata Nano a fun car.

    Easy to Drive - Its compact size makes it easy to drive through the traffic jams and narrow crowded streets.

    Buy your Tata GenX nano now!!!
    GenX Nano - The best compact low-priced small hatchback car in Sri Lanka is available in Automatik and Manual transmissions. Its main features include huge luggage space and good mileage making long drives more joyful.

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    Buy your Tata GenX nano now!!!

    PICS of Tata GenX Nano