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Fast Five (Extended Edition) (2011)

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  • Fast Five (Extended Edition) (2011)

    After the first couple of “Fast And The Furious” it seems shocking that the studio and filmmakers continued to greenlight more sequels. The franchise no doubt dwindled after the second and third films. However, the key to resurrecting the franchise laid in bringing back the original actors for the fourth film. As the name suggests, “Fast Five” is the fifth in the series, and some would regard it as the best in the series. Personally, the fifth and first films rank close together. The franchise has not had the biggest impact on me. Parts of each of the films are catchy, but they are far from great films, relying on the fancy cars to get them from beginning to end. However, by bringing back the original cast members, the filmmakers are able to continue on the original story and backgrounds. This is the story Read more... (